Training 3: Building the Team

Congratulations on hosting your Launch Party! You did it! Woo-hoo! Now it’s time to get your brand-new team organized, set up structure and encourage participants to take on different leadership roles. 

Here are the next steps (do these with the FOK Organizer):

  • Debrief the Launch Party: What went well, what could be better for the next meeting?
  • Who was at the Launch Party? Did anyone seem keen enough to be another team leader? Did anyone have particular interests?
  • Consider group structure and leadership roles
  • Setting up communication tools: team email address, team description on the For Our Kids website, group communications, orientation to Slack workspace, Nation Builder Team Space and Team Leaders Google Drive 


Group Structure and Leadership Roles 


Communication Tools

Team description on website

This is a landing page on the FOK website for your team. The page introduces your team and helps anyone in your area find out more about you and how to get involved. To start it can be a general description or a more personal introduction, and as the team solidifies you can add more info. Here are some examples:

Editing your team description on webpage (optional)


Second Meeting

Facilitating Meetings:

The goal of meeting facilitation is to help a group through an agenda in the time available and to help the group make necessary decisions and plans for implementation. 

It’s a practice that we can all continually improve at, and one that changes depending on the context of the meeting.

For now, our meetings are all happening on Zoom, but the principles of meeting facilitation generally apply equally to online meetings and offline meetings. Here are some optional resources for you to check out:


Team Roles & Team Structure

  • Your role is to organize the group, but the team leader (or leaders) should certainly not be doing everything. The way you choose to structure your team is up to you. For detailed suggestions on team roles, see Resources and FAQs

Your to-do list:

  • Create an email account to your team (ex. forourkids[your town] and give the FOK Organizer the address

  • Set date for next team meeting, if it isn’t already set

  • Send a personal email to each Launch Party attendee:

    • Thank them for coming

    • Ask if they have any questions

    • Ask if they would like to have a one-on-one (Zoom) meeting with you

FOK Organizer will:

  • Create a email account up for your team, send it to you, and have it forward to your new email address

  • Send you an RSVP page link for your next meeting (unless team leader wants to try it)

  • Request a logo from our graphic designer, for your team

  • Grant Nationbuilder permissions to your @forourkids email address so that you can send emails (“e-blasts”) to your team, set up RSVP pages, and edit your team’s webpage

  • Create filter for people in your area

  • Create an RSVP page for your next meeting(s)

    • The FOK Organizer is happy to create RSVP pages for your meetings for as long as you would like. When you or someone on your team is ready, you can learn how to create RSVP pages here

Training 3 - "Building a Team" Resources Recap:


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