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Current Projects

Any of these projects interest you? Or have an idea of what else we might do together? Get in touch! 

  • Summer Climate Action ideas
  • Schools as Community Climate Action Hubs
  • Grocery Store Refrigerant Mapping Campaign
  • Vote for Our Kids! Raising the issue of climate in the upcoming election(s) 
  • Community outreach - bringing more parents into the climate movement. 

About Our Team

Our Vision

As parents, caregivers, and people who love kids, we connect with other parents and caregivers in the Greater Toronto Area to amplify accessible information & drive urgent climate action to reduce carbon emissions and develop climate resiliency to mitigate worst impacts. Our efforts are rooted in climate science & an intersectional climate justice approach.   


Our 3 Areas for Action


Create accessible spaces for GTA parents and caregivers to feel connected in shared anxiety around the climate crisis, learn about the climate emergency, and provide ways of taking action. 


Advocate for climate action at all levels of government, and hold our elected officials accountable for their climate plans and promises. 


Work to bring the campaigns, actions, and ideas of other organizations with shared goals to the forefront in civle society, industry, and government. 


How we work together


Stick to protocols and hear all voices

Sticking to the agenda, starting on time, and following meeting protocols will make space for everyone to be heard.

Assume positive intentions

We all share a common goal and are united in our shared intentions. We support each other and work together.

Practice examining racially bias systems and processes

We acknowledge our own biases and commit to practicing an anti-racist stance by continually learning and challenging our own assumptions and blind spots in our work together.

Prioritize health and wellbeing

We recognize this can be challenging work and that we are all juggling a lot of responsibilities in our lives. We will support each other, respect limits, and cultivate positive relationships so that we may sustain our work together and grow a community that is nurturing for us and others.


Still interested? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or join us on Facebook