We are a network of parents and families from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, united by our concern for our children's future and determination to take action to reduce the impacts of climate change.

We're a friendly community of people who are learning and growing together.

We believe that climate action must be centred on principles of justice and begin with respecting Indigenous rights and Indigenous sovereignty.

We support each other in taking action, we are stronger when we work together.


What are our goals?


How do we work?

Our network is made up of volunteer, parent-led teams who organize climate actions in their communities, as well as individual members who join our events, follow our news and take part in climate actions.

We practice grassroots-led organizing, which means that local teams choose what to work on and how to organize in their communities. A national network support team helps to organize the network and get people and teams set up to take action by offering training, action ideas, guidance, and building the capacity of parents to succeed.

Our work is funded by charitable foundations who support climate justice, climate action, and citizen engagement. We match our organizing model with funders' interests, finding campaigns that have the potential to resonate with parents and to create the change needed to cut our dependence on fossil fuels. Typically these take the form of national or regional campaigns such as Banking For Our Kids and the move to electric school buses. 

Providing strategic direction and looking to balance our resources with all of the actions the network could take is the job of For Our Kids' National Council. Council members are local parent volunteers who take on the governance and fiduciary roles of a Board under BC's Societies Act. 

Interested in learning more or joining For Our Kids?

Check out our 2023 impact video to get a snapshot of collective parent action. 

See if there is a local team near you.  

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