We are a network of over 5000 parents, grandparents, and others, living on unceded Indigenous territories across the country known as Canada.

Our diverse and inclusive community welcomes parents, grandparents, and anyone who cares about the future of our planet. For Our Kids is a community of real people, all motivated by love for their kids.

We’re working to curb emissions and to make our communities less dependent on fossil fuels.

We recognize and respect Indigenous rights and knowledge, and we want to call out the systemic racism that increases the impact of climate change on already disadvantaged communities.

We believe that a more inclusive, equitable society and a low-carbon society, come hand in hand.

What are our goals?

Have an impact

Engage more people

Be the change we want to see


How do we work?

Volunteer parents form local teams across the provinces to take action together in their communities, and individuals take action to support national campaigns. You can check if there is a local team already established near you.

We have lots of local teams taking action in their communities, and you can see some photos on our Flickr site.

We have a national support team that help to organize the network and get people and teams set up to take action. We offer lots of support and training wherever we can.

We have a volunteer board of 3 members that oversee our finances and management.

If you interested in learning what you can do to help, please connect with us to learn a bit more about what we do and how you can get involved.