Training 1: Getting Started

A guided training program in three parts:

  1. Training Part 1: Getting Started (see below)
  2. Training Part 2: Launch Party (Outreach, planning)
  3. Training Part 3: Building the team

Welcome to For Our Kids! We’re so excited that you’re on your way to becoming a team leader in your area! Your journey begins here.

Thank you for taking on the role of team leader in your community. We are all parents and grandparents, and we are stepping up to take on the climate crisis, daring to have hope, and daring to really make a difference. 

What do team leaders do?

In this role, you will welcome other parents onto your team, and into the network and climate movement. The goal is to take meaningful action on climate change, and the way that happens is up to you and your team, with plenty of support from the network.

Here are some of the things we offer to team leaders (all of these are optional):

  • A monthly team leaders’ meeting at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET on the first Monday of the month
  • A private Facebook for team leaders to connect and share ideas and resources. Ask to join here.
  • A Slack workspace where team leaders can communicate and collaborate with each other, across the country. (We recommend joining a few weeks after your Launch Party, but let us know when you’re ready)
  • Regular 1-on-1 support calls with a For Our Kids organizer. We generally meet with new team leaders every week for an hour until their team is up-and-running. If you would like more support, it’s available. 
  • Training on organizing skills and tools, such as strategy & tactics, meeting facilitation, basic website upkeep, social media best practices, Slack, Nationbuilder, etc. Let us know what you’d like to see more of, and we will do our best to provide it. 
  • Action of the Month. Every month, we put forward actions that anyone can participate in. We recommend that new teams participate in these actions for the first three months. You may choose to participate in past months’ actions if they are still relevant.
  • The buddy system: if you would like, we will pair you up with a more experienced team leader who can help you along the path to becoming a team leader!

What is the commitment?

Your commitment is to your own local team. We will help you learn to share the leadership and responsibilities (many teams have more than one team leader). Starting out, you will be expected to organize and host monthly team meetings (on Zoom). 

For the first several weeks, we encourage you to meet with a For Our Kids organizer for one hour per week. 

The typical minimum time commitment for a team leader is about three to five hours per week. Beyond that, it’s up to you.

To help you get your team up-and-running, we provide you with this guided training series, split up into three parts. Generally, it will take about two months of one-on-one meetings (one hour each, once per week) to complete this training, but you may choose to move through it more quickly or to take more time.

Let’s get started! 

Training Part 1:

  • Your first meeting with For Our Kids Organizer
  • Sharing our stories
  • About For Our Kids (Questions?)
  • Discuss Launch Meeting (Set date and time?)
  • Set date and time for weekly meetings
  • Establish name for team (subject to change)

Your to-do list:

For Our Kids Organizer will:

  • Accept your request to join Team Leaders Facebook Group
  • Add you to the Team Leaders’ email list, so that you will start receiving emails to team leaders (ex. information about the team leaders’ meetings)


  • If you have any questions, or need more details on any of these steps, please reach out at [email protected]