Past Trainings & Workshops

A directory of past trainings and workshops for For Our Kids Teams and parents/caregivers in the network, organized by the network support team.


  • 3-Part Anti-Racism Training Series. Provided by Kerry Cavers from Moms Against Racism. 
    1. Systemic Racism in Canada: The History Parents Need to Know
    2. How Racism Shows up in Your Teams
    3. Using Your Power and Privilege to Dismantle Racism
  • Protecting our pensions and the planet. October 2023. Video version available here
  • Political Advocacy 101: Meeting with elected officials and powerholders. March 2023. Video version available here
  • Learning Together: Indigenous Rights, Climate Justice, and Parenthood. March 2023. Video version available here
  • Sustainable Investing 101. Video version available here
  • Land Acknowledgements and Beyond. More info here. **
  • Social Media Training for Team Organizers.**


  • Electric School Bus Info Session. February 2023. Video version available here
  • Do You Smell Gas? Fossil Fuel Promotion in Schools. November 2022. Video version available here.
  • How to Raise an Anti-Racism Child. Anti-racism 101 trainings with Kerry Cavers from Moms against Racism. September 2022.
  • Schoolyard Climate Conversations. Skillshare with For Our Kids Toronto, who developed a template for hosting schoolyard climate conversations.** 


  • Tips and Tricks for Creating Videos. Video version available here. February 2021.
  • Pitching & Placing. Workshops for For Our Kids teams on getting media coverage. March 2021.**
  • Opening the Door to Dads. Discussion with prominent Dads on what motivates them to take action and how their children inspire them to keep going. Video version available here. November 2021.
  • Engagement and Recruitment: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly? Skillshare with For Our Kids Ottawa-Gatineau.**
  • Schools Action! Idea Generating Session. Presentations from teams across the network. July 2021.**



**Recordings available to For Our Kids Team Organizers upon request.