Our impact goals

Engage more people

This means: Creating and growing a network where parents feel welcome and supported throughout their journey of taking action, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. 

This looks like: 

• Reaching out and drawing parents in to the network 

• Enabling parent engagement 

• Supporting an ongoing constituency of engaged parents 


Have an impact

This means:  We’re here to change the world for our kids! This means helping to achieve tangible progress in policy and practice, at every level of decision-making. Our organizing model supports local teams/groups in identifying and acting on what’s important to them. We also come together as a network around common issues and apply our strength in numbers. 

This looks like: 

• Supporting teams and individuals to take action 

• Communicating progress and success through stories and numbers 

• Working with other organizations to support and amplify impact


Be the change we want to see

This means: There is energy and hope in envisioning the world we want to create and taking intentional steps toward that vision. If we want a just and equitable society, we need to work at being that way ourselves. 

This looks like: 

• Dedicating time and resources to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion education, training and activities 

• Communicating our support clearly and amplifying the voices and actions of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour who are disproportionately impacted by climate change and climate injustice.