Our first duty as parents is to protect our children. We'd storm a burning building to save them, no matter the consequences.

Sadly, their house IS on fire. Climate change and injustice pose a direct threat to our kids unless we change course. Part of parenting today is to help make the change we need.

For Our Kids is a national network of parent-led, community-based grassroots groups involved in climate action. We strive to be a welcoming place for all parents, guardians, grandparents and caregivers to connect and act together. 

Our vision is a world that we're proud to pass along to our kids and grandkids - more secure, more equitable, and more just than how we found it. It starts with recognizing and respecting Indigenous Rights and working together for climate justice - curbing emissions while addressing the racial, economic, gender and other inequities that climate change intensifies. 

Together, we’re turning our love for our kids into our superpower. Will you join us?