For Our Kids Saskatchewan

 A message from Amy, team leader

Climate change is an issue that I believe requires us to shift how we think about our own as well as our collective existence on this planet. Every part of my life is in some way connected to this issue.

I am involved in environmental activism, participating in several environmental organizations and taking part in political advocacy. I get my students to read texts dealing with environmental issues through my job as an English instructor at the University of Regina. As a student in a Masters of Fine Arts program, I create conceptual clay and ceramic sculptures that represent the effects of the climate crisis. As a parent, I’m on my son’s elementary school’s council for the sake of ensuring environmental stewardship is considered in its daily operations.

While thinking about climate change so much can be exhausting, I regain strength from spending time in nature. My happy place is swimming in glacial lakes. I’m originally from BC, and my small family makes a drive out to spend time in its mountains and on its coast nearly each summer. We also go on several camping trips within Saskatchewan each year, taking in the vastness of the views and appreciating all the birds we get to see (my husband and son are avid birders). I am definitely grateful for the life I’m leading, and I very much hope my son and his generation, as well as generations to follow, will be able to have such opportunities.   

Please reach out if you are looking for a way to turn your concern about climate change and your kids' future into action. We'd love to have you join us!

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