Town Hall Key Roles and Responsibilities

Here's a list of some of the key roles to get your planning started - you will want a more extensive team to plan and carry out your town hall event. 

Keep in mind that you can look outside your team for individuals who are willing to help, and this is a good opportunity to draw new members into your group. 

For Our Kids is available to support you with coaching at any stage of your event planning process. Contact hello[at]forourkids[dot]ca


This role is crucial for the success of the event. The moderator should be experienced and comfortable with speaking and hosting an event online, as well as with the moderator role, which will require them to keep speakers on topic and on time, maintain a respectful and productive context for discussion, and be familiar with the issues being discussed. Identify a back-up who can take over as moderator if necessary.

Online host

To manage the agenda, welcome participants as they join, provide housekeeping details and general context for the town hall, introduce and thank guests, and bring forward questions from the audience.

Technical host

Needs to be able to set up and run the meeting on the platform chosen, troubleshoot any issues prior to and during the town hall, make sure the event is recorded and a link is available afterward.


To keep track of issues discussed and ideas presented during the town hall so that follow-up can be planned.

Key contact

Able and available prior to and after the town hall, to provide information for speakers, media, and members of the public with questions.