Sample Agenda for #GreenRecovery Town Hall

The host, moderator, speakers, and anyone assisting with the logistics of the meeting should sign on prior to the meeting to have time to test connections, review roles and responsibilities, and set up a welcome screen to greet participants as they join

  • Start recording the meeting

  • On schedule, host welcomes participants and makes general announcements:

  • Introduce musical guest, if that has been arranged

  • Musical interlude

  • Host sets out guidelines for respectful participation and questions:

    • Explain procedure for asking questions

    • Briefly introduce each speaker and the moderator

  • Moderator explains basic rules of order and calls on each speaker to give brief opening remarks

    • Pre-planned question period: 30 minutes

    • Q&A from participants: 30 minutes

  • Host thanks speakers, guests and participants

    • Invites participants to contact your team or organization; provide contact information

  • Musical interlude

  • Adjournment

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