Speak Up on Capping Oil and Gas Pollution

Right now, we have one of our best chances to lower GHG emissions.

Canada’s biggest source of climate pollution comes from emissions from the oil and gas industry. The best way to cut those emissions is through federal regulation, because the industry itself is focusing on continuing to make enormous profits, not on a healthier environment. 

Regulations have been delayed because of constant pressure from oil and gas lobbyists. In December, the federal government finally released a framework for what the regulations would include. It's a first step, but the target for emission reduction is low and the timeline is too long. 

What can you do?

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Reach out to your MP

  • This is an issue that crosses party lines, and every MP has a role to play in pushing the government to hold the oil and gas industry accountable for its emissions.
  • Here's a template letter you can adapt, edit, and email to your MP, along with instructions on how to find their contact information. Please copy [email protected] on your email!
  • If you've already contacted your MP about this issue, you could send them a reminder that you're waiting to hear from them, or request a meeting. 
  • For inspiration, here's 12-year-old Marion explaining why parents need to take this opportunity to push for strong regulations:

Get together and involve your kids 

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