Challenge Racism

Our work for climate justice includes addressing racism, as climate change disproportionately impacts BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) communities. We want a safer world for all our kids. We hope the ideas below are a helpful place to start. Get in touch if you need support or to share more action ideas: [email protected]

For Our Kids teams are also encouraged to check out: Anti-Racist Actions Your Team Can Take and Learn Together: Decolonization.

1. Start with yourself

By learning and being more aware we can help our families and communities learn too. Watch this 4-min intro: How to raise an anti-racist child (CBC).

2. Learn about the Indigenous land you’re on 

Indigenous peoples have cared for the land, waters and all living things since time immemorial. Ongoing colonization means their cultures are under threat. Find out more about the Indigenous land you’re on: Learn more about land acknowledgements and beyond.  

Research together and talk about this with the kids in your life. Here are some initial questions you could explore:  

  • What and whose territories are you on? How do Indigenous peoples refer to the place where you live, how is it pronounced?
  • What languages are spoken? 
  • What Indigenous laws or treaties exist? 
  • What are Indigenous teachings on land stewardship and maintaining relationships with other-than-human beings? 
  • What are some things we can do to become stewards of the land?

3. Talk to your kids about race

Here are 8 Podcasts That Help You Talk to Kids About Race

Library check-up: The stories our kids are exposed to matter. Does your home library or your child’s school library include a number of books that feature Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC)? Talk with your school librarian about adding books that showcase a wide variety of people, so that BIPOC kids can see themselves in these stories. If your school has a limited budget, organize a book drive or fundraiser and get those books on shelves! 

Some resources:

  • Moms Against Racism provides Diverse Book Baskets - you can purchase for yourself, your school or donate to support a book basket delivery to schools in need. 
  • Check out Parents for Diversity’s Diversity Library catalog. 
  • Check out the @booksfordiversity instagram account for some ideas of cool books.

4. Financially support anti-racist organizations and movements. Follow their news and show up for their actions and events. For example: 

Research local organizations near you working on racial justice and support them. Let us know who we should add to this list: [email protected]

5. Connect and learn with others

Collective learning, reflection and action is important to deepen our understanding and stay dedicated. Here are some ways to connect with other families for accountability and support:  

To Read: 

To Watch:

To Listen: 


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