Kids bring their message to Minister Steven Guilbeault


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When my daughter was Star of the Week for her kindergarten class, the Hiboux (Owls), I accompanied her to raise awareness for collective action for the planet – something I hold near and dear to my heart as a parent involved with For Our Kids.

The Hiboux were very happy to share what they did as individuals to help the planet and listened intently as my son, who is in second grade, read Greta and the Giants – a story that shows the value of collective action. Together, we discussed what we would like OUR Giants, the decision-makers in government to hear. We prepared a message for our elected representative, Steven Guilbeault, who also happens to be Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

Although these children are only five or six years old, they understand very well what the planet needs. 

This is their message to those in power:

  • Protect the animals
  • Reduce waste
  • Ensure the health of the planet

To ensure the health of our planet and a future for our kids – including my daughter and her friends – it is crucial that we tackle the climate crisis. The little Hiboux are ready to do their part, but industry – especially oil and gas companies – must do theirs. A strong cap on oil and gas industry emissions is Canada’s best shot at tackling rising emissions. 

To make sure Minister Guilbeault and his colleagues hear this last message, the Hiboux poured their hearts and souls into colouring postcards requesting a strong cap on pollution.


I hand delivered these to Minister Guilbeault’s constituency office. He was quick to respond to his little constituents with a video message addressed to the Hiboux.

You too can also demand from your MP a strong cap on oil and gas emissions. For Our Kids has set up a quick and easy (and free!) tool to send a postcard to your MP. All you have to do is select among several beautiful designs and personalize your message. 

Join me and the Hiboux in ensuring a better future for our kids.


Photos: Catherine Rioux-Taché, Jennifer Smith, and Natalie Caine


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