Change Fossil Fuel Advertising Rules

For Our Kids is a coalition partner in the Fossil Fuel Ad-Ban Campaign. Fossil fuel air pollution causes up to 34,000 premature deaths in Canada each year. Even though there is clear evidence, fossil fuel companies continue to lie to us about the known dangers of their products.

It's reminiscent of the fight to control tobacco advertising. In 1965, 50% of Canadian adults smoked. Smoking was not restricted in any public space, and rates of lung cancer increased substantially. Addressing cigarette smoke as a major public health threat raised awareness of the dangers, for smokers and non-smokers alike. Thankfully now only 15% of Canadians are smoking. We have healthier environments, particularly for children. 

A ban on fossil fuel ad campaigns could have the same result.  

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Help us call for:  

Demand #1: A comprehensive ban on advertising by fossil fuel industries, products, and services (such as gasoline and gas utilities) and internal combustion engine vehicles. 

Demand #2: A robust regulatory response to address misleading environmental claims by fossil fuel companies.

Demand #3: Regulations mandating the disclosure of the health and environmental risks associated with fossil fuel production and use.

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