Deliver personal notes to decision makers

Members of For Our Kids Ottawa-Gatineau had a great idea to collect personal notes as a Just Transition action. They presented the notes in a meeting with their MP, along with a parliamentary petition. A great way to bring more voices into a conversation with a politician, decision maker or other campaign target.

The next time you join a large local action why not take beautiful note paper and encourage attendees to write notes you can deliver on their behalf? (Note: if your team is not organizing the event, it's good to check-in with the organizers first and see if it's ok to bring this activity along). 

You could:

  • Make a sign with instructions on how to participate, who the notes are to, and why
  • Set up a folding table or have clipboards, bring pens or markers
  • Ask participants to include their name & postal code on the back (and age if they're a kid!), and give you permission to take photos of the messages
  • Ask kids to contribute, with messages or drawings
  • Take photos of all the entries and share online and tag the politicians/recipient 
  • Send them to For Our Kids and we'll share them with the network and help tell the story






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