Take a politician or decision maker outside

Getting outside and connecting to the natural world around us is important for our mental and physical health. Why not incorporate it into your activism? If you're trying to meet with a politician or any decision maker about an important issue or action - why not ask them to meet you outside? 



Ideas for meeting outside: 

  • walk in a local park
  • photo shoot by a favourite tree or action-related landmark
  • sporty activity or class with your For Our Kids team
  • ask them to sign a pledge or petition
  • present them with a card, gift or prop to represent your ask
  • do an art activity with your kids or grandkids - get the kids to share their own questions and concerns
  • make the meeting a team picnic discussion
  • ask them to attend a youth climate strike with you and your team or another local event

Plan to ask a few questions or organize a discussion circle if with a group. Don't forget to take some photos and send to For Our Kids with a report back on how it went.