Organizing Your Team

A quick list of resources and tips for effective community / team organizing. 


About the network

Recruitment & First Team Meetings

Team meetings

External Guides on Facilitation 

Team structure & roles

FOK Paid Zoom Account

Using Nationbuilder 

Shared Google Workspace for Teams

Teams can set up a Google account for their team, in the For Our Kids Google Workspace. A team google account would give you a unique [email protected] email address, which you can use as a regular gmail account. An email address is also needed to be able to send emails from your team using Nation Builder. 

Shared google drive quick links

We also have two folders for teams in our Shared Drive, that are accessible to the Team Organizers / Reps for your team, or if a team member is working on a specific issue, let us know and we can add them to relevant folders. 

  • Campaigns / Actions - for issue or campaign specific folders that are shared across the network.
  • Teams - for organizing resources and sub-folders for teams to save their own documents.  

Using Slack 

Slack is the platform we use to communicate across the network, in between national team organizer meetings. Team Members that would like to connect with others in the For Our Kids network are also welcome to join (ask Natalie or Lella to invite them to the Slack workspace).

Orientation Video & other helpful links: For Our Kids Slack Workspace 


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