Justice - Equity - Diversity - Inclusion (JEDI)

The JEDI-Accelerator committee formed from a need expressed by teams across the network to understand systemic racism and how it is manifested in the impacts of climate change as well as within the environmental movement itself. 

Check out our Climate Justice resources here, where the network support team will continue to add content with the goal of raising awareness and knowledge within and outside the FOK network, supporting work led by BIPOC communities and organizations, and integrating JEDI principles, policies and practices into the ongoing structure and work of FOK.

Here's an introduction to the JEDI committee shared at the Feb. 27 team leaders' meeting. 

In autumn 2023 the JEDI Committees' two network members, Vanessa (FOK-TO) and Sarah (FOK-MTL) joined the newly forming "Network Advisory Council" (permanent name to be determined), which is replacing our board of directors to become a nationally focussed advisory council of parents, to help guide the network's growth. It was felt that the important work of the JEDI committee be embedded in that council. 

If you have a question or need around JEDI for your team, please get in touch with a member of the network support team. Or: [email protected].

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