Parents for Climate (Victoria) was one of the first parent teams formed in the country and has had remarkable success right out of the gate!

In June 2019 the team was successful in convincing the Victoria School District to declare a climate emergency and to follow up with staff about increasing climate action across school district operations. The group is now working to ensure that the School District follow up on it's commitments.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/parents4climate/

Take Action

Make Vic High a Climate Leader

In May 2019 we all cheered as the Victoria School District became the first in Canada to declare a climate emergency and promised to lead the way on climate action. But the district is set to fail its first real test.

The Victoria School district is preparing to install a new carbon polluting gas boiler as it upgrades Vic High rather than explore climate friendly options. Now is our last chance to stop them. Sign the petition for a zero emissions Vic High!