Make Vic High a Climate Leader

As the global climate crisis deepens, we call on the Trustees of SD61 to ensure that an upgraded Vic High, and all future school upgrades, be zero emissions.

As the Covid-19 pandemic is showing us, it is critical that we prepare and act in advance for both health and climate risks. The scientific consensus tells us that climate risks are real and could be devastating. In 2019 SD61 declared a climate emergency and committed to do its part in safeguarding our children’s future by considerably reducing district emissions. Vic High presents the first real test of this commitment. As concerned parents and community members we demand that Climate Change be a priority in all district decisions and that all current and future building upgrades be in line with a net zero CO2 future.

Will you sign?

In June 2019 we all cheered as the Victoria School District became the first in Canada to declare a climate emergency and promised to lead the way on climate action. But the district is set to fail its first real test.

The Victoria School district is preparing to install a new carbon polluting gas boiler as it upgrades Vic High rather than explore climate friendly options. Now is our last chance to stop them. Sign the petition for a zero emissions Vic High!

To avoid a catastrophic future for our kids we need to get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and transition to climate friendly alternatives now. Each sector must play its part. For the school district, converting to climate friendly heating solutions like solar and geo-exchange is essential if it is cut its emissions. Currently the heating and cooling of buildings accounts for 89% of the school districts heat trapping emissions.

Vic High’s seismic upgrade is an opportunity to get it right and set an example for the rest of BC to follow. Let’s create a school that our kids can flourish in well into the future. The alternative is too frightening to contemplate.