Publishing opinion pieces and speaking with journalists is one way For Our Kids parents spread the word on climate action. Check out some these articles we've written or been featured in local and national media. If you are interested in writing an op-ed or talking to journalists, then please connect with us for training resources and support in getting your story out there.

Thousands in Toronto take to the streets for climate

Thousand of climate activists took to the streets of Toronto today, united in their call to end fossil fuels as the Earth's temperature rises and a new report warns of a significant increase in extreme weather across Ontario in the coming decades.

The protesters, largely led by youth, marched in downtown Toronto, brandishing signs and banners with slogans like "The Fight to End Fossil Fuels is Here", "Canada is burning. Stop fossil fuel and save our Greenbelt." They demanded immediate action from governments and corporations to combat climate change.

For Our Kids Alberta joins other organisations to push for clean energy

"The clean energy target is one avenue to engage and excite youth in our province, offering them a chance to be at the forefront of a sustainable future".

For Our Kids joined Climate Plan Alberta and the Alberta Renewable Energy Alliance at a press conference to object to the six-month pause on new renewable energy projects in Alberta, while supporting the federal target for a net-zero electricity grid by 2035.

Taking care of the green lungs of our cities

"As scientists and healthcare professionals, it's our duty to sound the alarm. We are concerned about the effects of the climate crisis on the health of our children, the population and the many living species to which we are connected and on which we depend."

For Our Kids Montreal member Kelly Martin writes in La Presse about the impacts of wildfire smoke to our air quality and health. 



Dirty pensions uncovered

Recently Meg Ecclestone, a For Our Kids member in Guelph, Ontario, was interviewed by CORRECTIV, an independent newsroom in Germany. The piece is part of an in-depth exposé of the international connections between public pension plans like the CPP and fossil fuel projects.