Give a gift of climate action this Mothers Day

“Actions speak louder than words” is something mothers say a lot. This Mother’s Day, we want Moms to take the day off and be treated to actions that really do speak louder than words. If you're a Mom, all you have to do is pass on this link to your family. 


For those looking for a Mother's Day gift, we’ve made it easy for you:  pick one of the gifts below, then go to this page, enter all the details and submit your pledge. The real gift will be when you carry out your action, so make sure to plan what you'll do, and when!

Ten gifts you can give a Mom for Mother's Day.

  1. The gourmet meal: I will cook 5 meat-free dinners this month and share photos to inspire others.
  2. Money talks: I will make the time to research my personal investments and pension plan to find out if I am investing in fossil fuels (support given here, and here), and make a plan for divestment if need be.
  3. Snuggle up: I will look into what is involved in getting a heat pump so we can save some energy at home (lots of learning events and resources available).
  4. Take a trip: I will go for a ride on public transit with the kids and take a selfie or make a video to share and promote transit.
  5. Better than a bunch of flowers: I will take part in For Our Kids’ Spring Family Climate Action with the kids - connecting to nature, making art and sending it to us to share with decision-makers *note the deadline for this is April 30.
  6. Help with cleaning.. our transport: I will ask our school board and my provincial representative how we can get more Electric School buses on the road and sign-up here to give support to make it happen.
  7. Taking time to listen: I will go to work one day with a sign pinned to my shirt saying ‘let’s talk about climate change’ (some tips here, and here).
  8. A love letter for the future: I will write to my local MP in support of a Just Transition or support a campaign like this one.
  9. A special conversation: I will join the next For Our Kids welcome call and find out more about climate organising.
  10. The ultimate date night: I will promise to join you on your next climate action, or we can go together for the first time.


We hope you have some fun with this, and we can't wait to see these gifts in action! Please share photos of your actions with us. You can submit them through our form here, or if you don't have a Google account email them to: [email protected].  

Remember - this is the page to sign up for your gift. Thanks for taking part - this is going to be a great gift!

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