Our Electric School Bus Campaign

Big yellow buses - they're practically a symbol of school.

Maybe you remember these buses from back when you went to school - the low thrum of the engine as it came down the street, or the warm chemical stink of the exhaust . Or maybe you put your own kids on one of these school buses in the morning.

These buses haven't changed that much. But we know much more about the impact of diesel school buses on our children's health and our climate - and we know electric buses are a better for kids and our planet.

Diesel exhaust contains many toxic compounds including benzene, nitrous oxides, and PM2.5s. Exposure to these has health impacts such as headaches, asthma, and an increased risk of cancer. Children are at higher risk because of their developing lungs and higher breathing rates.

Pollutant levels inside the school bus can be higher than outside, studies show, as exhaust is sucked directly into the bus. Kids in schoolyards, even inside schools, also breathe in diesel fumes from idling buses in the parking lot. 

Electric buses improve air quality, on the bus and in the communities.

And, every electric school bus saves from 17 to 20 tons of CO2e a year. 

What's next?

We want to see electric school buses in every school district in Canada, at every school, and in every community. And we want you to join us to make this happen.

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The good news is change is already afoot.  Electric school buses are being trialed in many parts of Canada. Some provinces (like PEI and Quebec) have committed to the electrification of sizeable portions of their school bus fleets. But all across the country we need that switch to happen as quickly as possible. We need decision makers - from school board members to our MLAs and MPPs - to know that this issue is important to us.

Charging ahead - with Our Electric School Bus Campaign

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