Practice Talking About Climate Change

People still don't talk enough about climate change in social settings, which can lead to a bit of a "circle of silence" as everyone assumes that nobody else is thinking about it since nobody is talking about it, so it must not be important. You can break that silence with family and friends, not in a preachy way, but in a way that expresses your concern and asks others about their thoughts.

Thinking about how to tackle climate change can feel daunting and overwhelming. It's been proven over and over, through research and anecdotally, that connecting with others who share our questions and concerns encourages and empowers us to take action, which in turn helps us to feel less overwhelmed. It can also help empower someone else, or encourage them to think about it too.

Starting a conversation can be daunting in itself! Whether you're reaching out to a family member, friend, colleague or someone you've just met, it's hard to know how to begin. 

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe has become an expert on how to talk with people about climate change - even those who could be seen as climate change deniers - and more importantly, why it's critical for us to do so. Here's her TED talk from 2019, and here's a more recent interview on the same topic.

You can also check out this helpful #TalkingClimate Handbook from Climate Outreach.


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