Moms Speak Up For Mother's Day

Across Turtle Island mothers are leading a movement of parents taking increased climate action. You could hear their fierce and powerful voices across Canada for Mother's Day.


Marching for Bread and Forests (and climate justice) in Québec

In Québec City, the network Mothers Step In (Mères au front) mobilized 10,000 families to the streets for a march for Bread and Forests. Children sang to Prime Minister François Legault to the tune of "Frère Jacques", outside the National Assembly. Asking "are you sleeping?", while demanding climate and social justice.

You can hear more about this inspiring mobilization in this CBC interview with one of the organizers. And check out Mères au front's Instagram for more sights and sounds. 

Teams in the For Our Kids network were also making headlines in mainstream media: 

And thanks to all the families that took part in our Give a gift of Climate Action for Mother's Day campaign, we hope you all enjoyed your gifts.





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