Parents heading back to court to support youth in historic climate lawsuit

For Our Kids Toronto and the For Our Kids national network have just been granted intervenor status in the appeal hearing for the youth-led climate lawsuit Mathur et. al. v. His Majesty in Right of Ontario.

We’re planning our return to court for January 15-16, 2024. If you’re a interested to receive updates about our involvement in the case and ways you can help, make sure you're signed up for our newsletter here

Background on parent involvement

When the Ontario government weakened their 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets back in 2018, seven brave young people decided to take the province to court over the dangers a weaker climate target would pose to their health and lives, including furthering climate impacts like heatwaves, infectious diseases, floods, and fires.

Parents from the For Our Kids network were proud to join them as intervenors in the case, affirming that the Ontario government has a legal responsibility to protect our kids; both their Charter rights and their lives.

For Our Kids Toronto also presented a giant thank you card to the seven youth plaintiffs before they headed into court, on behalf of our network and signed by over 150 parents from across the country. 

Thanks you card - Marthur et al law suit

On April 14, 2023, the court unfortunately dismissed the case. As our friends from Ecojustice share:

“While the decision was a setback, it still broke new ground in charter climate litigation in Canada — and included a damning indictment of Ontario’s weak and dangerous climate target…The judge also agreed that the youth’s challenge raised appropriate legal issues under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that a court could decide on”. 

This was the first time a climate case based on Charter-protected rights was heard on its full merits in a Canadian court, and this appeal hearing will be a first of its kind in Canada, too. There is lots of momentum to build on.

The youth are heading to the Ontario Court of Appeal on January 15 and 16, 2024 to appeal the dismissal of a crucial climate case and For Our Kids will join them again as intervenors, presenting the perspective of parents. 

More background on For Our Kids' involvement here:

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Youth-led climate litigation is also building momentum around the world. Here's some exciting news:  

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