July 2020 - Ask Finance Committee For Green & Just Recovery


Let's face it, the "Standing Committee on Finance" sounds pretty dull. But if Canada is to have a Green & Just Recovery, we have until August 7 to tell these money people that we want it funded in the next budget.

We're inspired by the great action that Babies for Climate Action (New Westminster, BC) did last year, taking their kids into city hall during a climate debate to remind councillors what we're fighting for and to liven things up a bit. It was both fun and powerful.

So let's do it again for this committee - just virtually!

If you have no time, we've set up this petition you can quickly sign that we'll send in, but to break through the usual noise by industry associations and think tanks, we hope you'll use your superpower as a parent and involve your kids:

  • Babies and small toddlers can be involved with their foot and hand prints on a poster asking "Fund A Green & Just Recovery."
  • Toddlers to teens can draw or paint pictures with their version of what a green & just recovery could look like, asking them to fund it. Here is a template for them to colour if they need it.
  • Teens can practice their writing skills by writing a letter to the committee asking for funding for a green & just recovery (they can use this as background if they need it). Adults can also do this - or draw a picture - no judgement!

If you are a member of a local group, why not plan a small socially-distant gathering in someone's backyard and do some art and letters together? (Please follow all health guidelines!)

How To Submit

1) First, to have a bigger impact, take a picture of your kids' submission and share on social media. If you send to us (please!), we'll amplify. Send to hello [at] forourkids [dot] ca or tag us on Facebook. You could also make a quick video.

2) Then go to this Committee link and follow the steps, putting in your contact information and then uploading the picture file.

3) You may get a note back from the Committee if you just send in a picture, asking you for more detailed input. It's up to you if you want to give it!


Let's do this!



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