Hope Matters with Dr. Elin Kelsey - Oct 2021

An inspiring and solutions-focused workshop! In Oct. 2021, Elin Kelsey led parents in an exploration of the eco-anxiety, weariness and disempowerment we and our kids are experiencing and how we can find sources that enable us to support kids to move beyond feeling disempowered by the doom and gloom of media reporting towards meaningful engagement.

Learn more about Elin and her work on her website, including a link to the Existential Toolkit for Climate Justice Educators website, which showcases an extensive collection of climate change communication resources for enhancing engagement while navigating the climate emergency. 

Toast, Hail, Boast!

During the workshop, Elin shared her Toast, Hail & Boast strategy and invited participants to 

  • toast someone present for their meaningful climate action,

  • hail someone not present, or

  • boast about their own meaningful climate action.

We loved this idea so we set up a special page to continue this positive storytelling and reporting on climate action that is making a difference - if you have a toast, hail or boast to make, please share it with us. 

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