Holiday Cards for Change

Could you host a Holiday Cards for Change party with your family, friends or For Our Kids team? (Find a team near you here). 

Making our climate action creative, impactful and fun creates the energy we need to stay involved. As 2021 comes to a close, tap into your inner artist and create some homemade cards for change. 

Send your cards to your elected officials or other power holders (some ideas below). 






Three easy steps,

on your own or with a group

  Make it bright

Think about ways you can bring friends and family together online for a card-making party: share your thoughts as you're creating them, have some hot chocolate or treats, play some music or sing songs. Do a show and tell at the end to share your messages and artwork. Share stories of hope and solutions.

Make it personal

You can find some designs to print out here or create your own. Then, tell your story. What are you wishing for?

  • Reflect with your kids about the type of world we want (5, 10, 20 years from now) and then capture those hopes and demands in a card.
  • Thank those who have been champions for climate action and remind the rest that we need a just transition to a low carbon world now. 
  • A plan for reaching Bill C-12's #NetZero reduction targets by 2030 and adding an interim objective by 2026 (background here and video call to action here).
  • Ask government(s) to set and reach real goals informed by science. 
  • Acceptance of the economic forecasting that show more pipelines or fossil fuel subsidies are not the investment we need.
  • A commitment to using a sustainability and equity lens to make all decisions, realizing the health of people and the planet are inextricably tied.

You and your kids will have your own way of expressing what's in your heart.

 Make it visible

Take a picture of your kids or yourself with your cards and post on social media. You can tag the recipient or your elected officials, and remember to tag @forourkidscanada on FB/IG so we can amplify your voice. Or email us your photos and a short description of your event here: [email protected]

Where to send your cards

Send a card to whoever you want to influence - locally to globally. Here's a few ideas:

  • Your city councilor, mayor or provincial premier
  • Your member of parliament: You can send cards for free (without postage) to your MP's office in OttawaFind your MP here. 
  • Send an e-card or email the photos to your elected officials. Copy to the Prime Minister ([email protected]), the Minister of Environment and Climate Change ([email protected]) and the Minister of Finance/Deputy Prime Minister ([email protected]).
  • The CEO of Canada's top banks, who continue to fund fossil fuel development (more here): 

RBC: David I. McKay, President, CEO and Director, 200 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2W7. Email: [email protected]

TD: Bharat Masrani, Group President and CEO, 66 Wellington Street West 15th Floor, Td Tower Toronto, Ontario A6 M5K 1A2. Email: [email protected] (and copy [email protected])

BMO: Darryl White, President and CEO, 100 King Street West, 28th Floor, Toronto, On M5X 1A1. Email: [email protected]

Scotiabank: Brian J. Porter, President and CEO, Scotia Plaza 44 King Street, West Toronto, Ontario M5H 1H1, Canada. Email: [email protected] 

CIBC: Victor G. Dodig, President and CEO. 199 Bay Street, Commerce Court Toronto, ON, CA, M5L 1A2. Email: [email protected]

Holiday Cards for Change: Inspired by the local group Pour Nos Enfants / For Our Kids Montréal who partnered in 2019 with Amnesty International's group there to start this tradition.

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