Global Climate Strike 2021

For Our Kids has been aligned with youth activists across Canada and the world from its inception. Every Friday, people around the country and the globe strike for the climate in their towns and cities; once a year, each of these individuals is called to take on a massive collective action. On September 24, 2021, a huge number of our teams and network members took to the street for the annual Global Climate Strike.

Babies for Climate Action Vancouver 

There was art, hope and beauty at the Vancouver version of the global climate strike in 2021. The Babies for Climate Action joined other environmental, social justice and indigenous groups to show their solidarity with the global climate change movement. They asked kids and adults to contribute to a gorgeous collection of hand drawn, hand lettered signs asking the world for a better future.

Surrey for Future 

Surrey demanded #ClimateJustice with its #ClimateStrike at Holland Park in solidarity with all who marched worldwide for a liveable future free from climate chaos. Surrey For Future has been at the vanguard of environmental action in Surrey and its efforts were visible and amazing during the Global Climate Strike.

For Our Kids Guelph

This awesome team marched to Nestle headquarters with an incredible array of like minded organizations and individuals including Fridays for Future, the Water Watchers, the Central Student Association, and the Ontario Federation of Labour. For Our Kids Guelph is aligned with so many of the progressive organizations in their city and it was incredible to see them gathered together to support the youth and spur real climate change action in Canada.



For Our Kids Ottawa/Gatineau

The capital city team extended their enormous gratitude to Fridays for Future Ottawa for organizing the #GlobalClimateStrike and inviting us to be involved. There were over 400 people out in the streets on September 24 to tell Prime Minister Trudeau that they don’t want more pipelines, they want our carbon in the ground, and they want climate action NOW. The team and its allies want our future to be safe and sustainable and they don't want the youth to shoulder this burden alone.

For Our Kids Toronto

Our Toronto team led a stroller brigade under a gorgeous hand printed For Our Kids banner to align with youth, elders and parents in Canada's biggest city. Our Toronto team is chock full of new parents who battle the fatigue of early child rearing, volatile nap schedules and the occasional tantrum to unite their support for true and deep environmental commitments in Canada.

Pour Nos Enfants/For Our Kids Montreal 

Friday, September 24 was the Manifestation mondiale pour la justice climatique / Global Protest for Climate Justice in Montreal. This team invited parents, grandparents, and any community member who cares about our children's future, to march under their banner in a massive strike in beautiful Montreal and wow did they show up. Pour Nos Enfants is a leader is unifying the leaders of their city and province in a single message: WE WANT CLIMATE ACTION NOW!

Did we miss your action? Send a message to [email protected] to be included!

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