Divestment 101 Webinar

Join us on Thursday, November 5th


About this talk


Looking for new ways to take climate action? We all know that money talks, and this webinar, presented by Adam Scott of Shift: Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health, Matt Price of For Our Kids, and Matthew Lie-Paehlke of Climate Pledge Collective, explores why engaging with pension funds and banks might be one of our most powerful tools for demanding change.

All working Canadians are a member of at least one of the top 10 funds that invest more than $1.6 trillion of Canadians retirement savings. Many also have mortgages, RRSPs, or are clients of a major Canadian bank. How these banks and pensions invest our hard-earned wealth is a major factor in how quickly we can transition to a low-carbon economy. Join us to learn how we can work together and shift investments into climate safety for ourselves and for our kid's future through a lively presentation, discussion, and Q&A.




Adam Scott, Director, Shift: Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health

Adam is a climate change expert with more than 15 years of domestic and international experience in climate policy, energy and finance, as well as campaign design and execution. At Shift, he works with wide-ranging stakeholders to bring international climate leadership into Canada’s financial sector. Previously, Adam was Senior Advisor to Oil Change International and Environmental Defence Canada’s Climate & Energy Program Manager. Adam has advised governments, provided expert media commentary, and published numerous reports on the low-carbon transition.


Matt Price, Co-founder: For Our Kids

Matt lives with his family on Vancouver Island. Matt has 20 years of experience working with NGO’s and is the author of the book Engagement Organizing: The Old Art and New Science of Winning Campaigns with UBC Press. He’s trying very hard not to get beaten by his son at tennis. 


Matthew Lie-Paehlke, Co-Founder and Co-director: Climate Pledge Collective

Matthew is a PhD student in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto.



For Our Kids Toronto is pleased to Co-Host this event with

For Our Kids Ottawa / Gatineau

For Our Kids North Vancouver

Babies for Climate Action - Vancouver

Climate Pledge Collective 


November 05, 2020 at 8pm - 10pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)


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