Coping and Well-Being in Unpredictable Times: March 2020

March 2020: Unpredictable times due to the Covid-19 pandemic had just begun, and parents were looking for guidance and reassurance.

For Our Kids' first virtual webinar featured Dr. Nicole Racine and parents across the country in a discussion about coping and resilience for children and parents during COVID-19. Dr. Racine addressed common stress responses in children resulting from social distancing and home isolation and responded to parents' questions about reducing stress and promoting mental well-being - for themselves and their children.  

About the presenter

Dr. Nicole Racine is a child psychologist and research fellow at the University of Calgary. Her research examines how child adversity influences health and well-being and what promotes resilience after adverse experiences.  In her clinic practice, she works with children, youth, and their families to promote mental health and well-being. She currently lives in Calgary, AB with her partner and young toddler, where she enjoys taking in the mountain air whenever she can.

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