A How-To Guide for Parents on Bill C-12

Babies for Climate Action Vancouver have created a step by step resource on how to make your voice heard on Bill C-12, Canada's Climate Accountability Act with thanks to For Our Kids Toronto. Our time is running out to ensure that Canada meets the goals it committed to by establishing:


  • A 2025 milestone so the government is held accountable now for emission reduction, not in 10 years
  • An increased 2030 target — enshrined in law — to align with the IPCC recommendation of cutting emissions by 45 per cent below 2010 levels
  • Five-year carbon budgets to keep on track
  • A clear legal duty to reach set targets so that they endure governments of the future
  • True accountability by ensuring that independent climate experts — not a multi-stakeholder group — have robust roles in setting targets, reviewing progress and reporting to the public

Click here for the interactive PDF.


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