Toronto District School Boards' Climate Action Guide

Got youth itching to make change in their community?

The Toronto District School Board's (TDSB) Climate Action Guide is a one stop website for youth looking to make change in their communities. It's free, online, and applicable to communities all across Canada.

The guide was made for youth, and it's got ideas for:

School Club Initiatives - how to start an after school club, and more

Class Assignments - ideas on how to do climate action projects that can be done as class assignments, or info to back up your assignments on climate! 

Community Involvement Hours - how to make your climate action project count toward community hours some provinces require as a graduation requirement. 

Educator Resources - even though the guide is mainly for youth, there's plenty in there for teacher too! And kids can use the education section to suggest ways their teachers can bring more climate ed to the classrooms. 

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) projects - this is something the TDSB offers, but it might be applicable in other districts as well. 

And finally. . . a  big shout out to the For Our Kids Toronto team,  who along with partners like Transform TO and other stakeholders, were instrumental in getting it started!


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