Talk About Climate Change

Likely the team you're involved with includes mainly parents who share the same sense of urgency you do, as well as other powerfully motivating emotions like rage, despondency, anxiety, and most of all love for their kids. You've also likely discovered that connecting with others who share your motivation can propel you into taking action, which is an empowering antidote to feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of dealing with climate change.

When you think about reaching out to others, though, hoping to draw them in to the actions your team is taking, starting a conversation can be daunting. Whether that person is a family member, friend, colleague or someone you've just met, it's hard to know how to start. 

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe has become an expert on how to talk with people about climate change - and more importantly, why it's critical for us to do so. Here's her TED talk from 2019, and here's a more recent interview on the same topic.

What about climate change deniers?

Your energy and well-being are priorities, and your time is valuable. It's important to distinguish between people with whom you want to maintain a relationship, so you try to find common ground and discuss climate change issues - even if the two of you may not completely agree - and those who are clearly going to contradict or block everything you say.

Dealing with people on social media feeds who repeatedly disparage your posts or comments can drain your energy and affect your well-being. You can ignore them or take the step of blocking or banning them. Comments or posts that are abusive, racist, or hate-motivated should be blocked and reported to the social media platform.  








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