Info-Session - Operation: Find Fossil Fuel Funders

This event has already taken place.

Have you heard about our new action Operation: Find Fossil Fuel Funders?

We're asking parents to start noticing how the big banks show up in our communities, as sponsors of community events and programs. 

While we're happy that these important programs get funding, we think that banks are trying to distract from their harmful business practices, and buy goodwill through these sponsorships and grants. Canada's banks are all among the top fossil fuel funders worldwide, making them major drivers of the climate crisis, and many of them finance projects that violate Indigenous rights.

To better understand how banks are buying social license, we're starting to compile examples from across Canada and map them out. And we need your help!

Join this short session on February 27th to learn more about this action and how you can become a fossil fuel funder detective.

Plus, find out more about other upcoming bank actions and events. This is a great opportunity to connect with other parents who are part of the Banking For Our Kids campaign!