Operation: Find Fossil Fuel Funders

For Our Kids Detectives, 

You’ve probably noticed that Canada’s big banks — RBC, TD, BMO, CIBC and Scotiabank — are everywhere in our communities. They fund important community events and programs that we rely on and appreciate. But at the same time, as some of the biggest funders of fossil fuels globally, they’re major drivers of climate change.

Here’s your mission: Notice how banks cover up the pollution they pay for by buying our goodwill through community sponsorships and grants. We think there’s a contradiction here and we need your help to map out how and where big banks show up in communities across the country.

We’ll compile your submissions to map out bank influence across Canada. After that, we’ll provide resources for those who want to engage institutions about their sponsorship relationships with these big banks.

Become a Sponsorship Seeker! 

Anyone can help us make the map. We’re inviting For Our Kids teams, parents, and kids, to explore their neighbourhoods and look for where Canada’s big banks play a role.

  • Are their names on arenas?
  • Sponsoring your local film festival?
  • Are their logos on the jerseys of your local sports team?

We’re open to anything, but we’re particularly interested in kid and family events and programs. You could even do this as a family outing one day and see which family member spots the most examples, or help us from home by examining the sponsors and partner pages of community events and organizations. 

Take a photo or a screenshot, and note where you spotted the fossil fuel funder. 

Submit your evidence to the map HERE. (It takes about 5 minutes to complete).

Help us spread the word! 

  • Check out our ACTION TOOLKIT for ways to share Operation: Find Fossil Fuel Funders with your community! This includes social media post ideas, email templates and resources for talking with your kids about corporate sponsorship.


Here's a couple examples to get you thinking!

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