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Greetings from Parents 4 Climate!

We have so many amazing events and actions you may be interested in! You can find out more by checking out our monthly updates here. Thank you for doing whatever you can to help fight for our children’s future. If this list still doesn't give you enough to satisfy your “gotta get involved” motto….visit For Our Kids!

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June Updates (view and share this online here)

Climate Action is a new parenting skill. We have jobs and we are parents but now it seems we have a new part-time volunteer job as Climate Activists. Knowing that there are other parents like you who are doing the same helps keep hope alive and helps us continue to fight for our children's future.

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1.   Community Resilience Family Friendly event** 

Native Plant Salvage - in conjunction with HAT (Habitat Acquisitions Trust)

On May 15th we learned how to salvage plants with experts from HAT! Now that three P4C members are certified we can take others to a development site in Langford to teach you to do the same. Let us know when you'd like to go!

Decolonizing landscapes is an important part of reconciliation.

"Though colonization has altered our traditional ecosystems and food systems, there is much we can do to improve our relationships with the land and that means starting where you are."

- Cheryl Bryce - Songhees Nation

Read more about this here

** These events bring families together to take actions that foster a tangible connection with nature and each other. These activities allow us to practice reciprocity towards the Earth which in addition to helping our natural environment, can dispel despair by reminding us that we do not stand alone. There are many of us and we are all working together for a brighter future for our children.

2.  Old Growth Update - Fairy Creek Family Day June 18th - RSVP!

Return to Eldership Family Day at Ada'itsx / Fairy Creek

June 18 @11am

Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones invites us to come to Adai'itsx / Fairy Creek for a Family Day Return to Eldership. This event will be taking place in the unceded ancestral land of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht peoples. Come join in a family friendly circle with land defenders Tlia'amin Matriarch Elder Grandma Losah, Haida Gwaii Matriarch Kuu-laay (Boss of the Boat), Parents 4 Climate, and Elders for Ancient Trees for a celebration of our allyship and strength as we continue to fight to save the ancestral forests and protect Indigenous land rights.

We will gather at Granite Main on Saturday June 18 at 11am. We'll learn about the struggle to save the forests, listen to stories and songs from Indigenous knowledge keepers, and sing songs together. Next we'll have a potluck lunch (please bring a dish to share, or lunch for yourself), and then disperse for the afternoon's activities: there will be a choice of a few different activities such as a child and family-friendly art project, a ritual of love and sorrow for wounded places, and work in the sacred garden (please bring your own tools to work in the garden).

In these pressing times it is a great opportunity to spend time in the ancient forests with other folks who are fighting to protect the land. Let's gather together in love and care as we garner strength and courage to continue our work, and help teach our children what it is we are hoping to protect, for all of their futures.

All will be warmly welcomed. Gifts for our Indigenous Elders are warmly appreciated. 

For more information and to RSVP, please send an email to [email protected] or register on the Action Bus at [email protected] (must be fully vaccinated).

3.   More actions to protect Old Growth starting June 13th to 30th

For more information, or to learn how to get involved, go to SAVE OLD GROWTH

4.   Happy Father's Day!

5.   Climate Anxiety Project - Workshop with Elin Kelsey

We would like to thank Elin Kelsey, Vic West Elementary PAC and those parents who could join us for our Climate anxiety workshop for parents - talking and walking hope with our children which took place on May 25th. If you missed this event but would like to learn more, watch the recording here. Please do not repost this video.

Are you interested in joining us for a Climate Solutions Cafe? Child care provided! Let us know as we are planning for a gathering soon. [email protected] 

6.  SD61 Climate Action Plan and Committee

Nothing new to tell as the last two meetings were cancelled. Currently the next meeting is scheduled for June 8th.

7.  P4C and Dogwood presenting a case against RNG in our schools at June 13th Operations meeting - 7:00

Though we have managed to ban Fortis BC's curriculum from SD61 the fight to get Gas out of the Class is still very much alive. On May 9th the Energy Manager gave his yearly report. You can listen to the report from SD61 here (starts at 2:52 of the recording).

In response to this, on June 13th at 7pm, P4C and Dogwood will be presenting a case against RNHG and for heat pumps in schools.


With gratitude for all you do as parents to fight for our children's future. 

P4C working members: Kate, Erin, Emma, Faro, and Angeline

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P4C is very deeply grateful to live, work and play on the unceded territory of the Lekwungen speaking peoples.