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We have so many amazing events and actions you may be interested in! Thank you for doing what ever you can to help fight for our children’s future. If this list still doesn't give you enough to satisfy your “gotta get involved” motto….visit For Our Kids!

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Join us on June 23 to learn about the Eden Grove Artist in Residence Program

Fairy Creek Action - anytime in the near future!

Have you heard? April 1st the BC Supreme Court granted logging company Teal-Jones an injunction against the Fairy Creek blockaders.

Read all about it in the Times Colonist or on the CTV News website.

The injunction will subject ancient forest defenders to arrest and forcible removal for defending Fairy Creek and other ancient forests in Pacheedaht territory. They'll be arrested for holding Premier John Horgan accountable to his own promise to halt logging in BC's at-risk his own riding.

If the blockade is removed, Teal-Jones will continue blasting a road into the Fairy Creek headwaters and will clearcut the ancient stands there, fragmenting this rare, intact valley and wiping out massive, near record-sized yellow cedars.

Premier Horgan must not let that happen.

It's completely within his power to halt road building in Fairy Creek, deny any future cutting permits, and work with First Nations like the Pacheedaht to support sustainable economic solutions so that old-growth forests in their territories can be permanently protected.

Call Premier Horgan's office now and demand that he intervene to keep the entire Fairy Creek valley intact, enact deferrals in all at-risk old-growth forests across BC, and provide funding for First Nations' economic development.

Call 250-387-1715.

Help Build the BC Network of School-Based Change-makers

From Jake Hubley and Be the Change Earth Alliance

ATTENTION: BC teachers, students and student clubs
CHALLENGE: Build the BC Network of School-Based Changemakers!
Be the Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) has launched a challenge for student-led changemaking clubs, teachers and students across BC!

Our challenge together is to build the widest school-based climate action communication network and engage the most student and teacher voices in a climate education survey that will help shape the future of the BC education system.

BTCEA has been working within the BC school system since 2005 to support positive, interconnected environmental and social change in schools and communities. We offer a complete suite of free, classroom-ready resources to teach authentic eco-social learning, as well as student workshops and Pro-D’s for educators.

Visit our Challenge webpage or access our shareable PDFs here to view the Network Map and learn how teachers, students and Clubs can participate. By June, we want to reach our ‘Seedling’ Goals, but with your help we can grow into a Forest. With every student, Club or teacher who participates and shares the initiative, our collective success and power for change grows exponentially. BTCEA will report back on our collective impact in June, 2021. Anonymous survey data will be harnessed to influence the future of our education system in BC.

Why This Challenge?

We need a changemaker network. students and teachers across the province recognize the urgency of the climate crisis and are acting for change through their schools, but many of us are unaware of other changemakers. This means we are unaware of our collective efforts and are missing opportunities to collaborate.

We need a survey to know what our climate education needs are. Climate Education Reform BC(CERBC) - a growing youth-led organization - is calling for changes to the BC education system in order to better prepare students and teachers to tackle the climate crisis. To honour the call of the youth, Be the Change Earth Alliance is bringing the voices of students and teachers together to envision and co-create the changes we need, through a Climate Education Survey.

Together, we can build an amazing collaborative network and influence critical reform of our education system to best meet our climate education needs!

With warmth and intention for a beautiful future,
Jake and the BTCEA Team

And for those who have been following along with us on this story…

District #61 School Board update- sorry to say but there has still been little to no action by the school board on a Climate Action Plan. It will be two years come June that they declared a Climate Emergency with little to nothing to show for it. The newly hired Energy Manager has been working on changing over all the light bulbs. Perhaps you could email and remind them that changing light bulbs may save the schools more money but it does not cut carbon!! To view this information you can go to their new added link on their website. We hope to have news soon on ways in which we can encourage the board to move in a more action oriented direction.

Best Wishes, P4C - parents fighting for our children’s future

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