More C-12 actions

Here's how you can have even more impact on Bill C-12

Take action together. If you're part of a local group, you could ask for a meeting with your MP - there is strength in numbers! Your group could join with others in your area who are concerned about Canada meeting its GHG emissions targets. You'll find template phone and email scripts here

Be ready for a response. It's likely your MP will send you a reply, and they may challenge you on the points you raised. While it may feel intimidating, this is an excellent opportunity to keep the conversation going. If you're not sure how to respond, we're here to help! Send us a line at hello [at] forourkids [dot]ca

Get your kids involved! They're the ones who will be most impacted by the decisions made now, and the actions taken over the next 10 years. Older kids could share their thoughts about the kind of world they want to see by 2030, and the one they are worried they will see - younger ones could draw pictures of what they and their world might look like in 10 years. Share these with your MP too. Here's a template from the FOK Ottawa-Gatineau team!

If you can dig deeper: once the Bill is sent to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, there will be an opportunity to send a submission to the committee. Look for updates here and on our FB page

Whatever action you take, share what you're doing and start conversations with your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, and with your social networks. This Bill impacts all of us and is something that should involve all of us as well.