Strengthen Canada's Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act

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Recently, the Federal Government proposed climate legislation that would enshrine the 2050 target into law to help us get to net-zero. Unfortunately, the plan falls short and leaves much to be desired. 

  • NO emissions target before 2030 (Soooo....the current government hasn't set themselves any target they actually need to be accountable for) 🤔
  • NO legally-binding target for 2030 (Scientists tell us the next 10 years are CRITICAL for keeping warming below 1.5C degrees, but the gov't has come up with NO plan for this decade.) 
  • NO carbon budgets (Kind of like telling your kids to make their Halloween candy last for a month, but then letting them eat all the candy they want whenever they want.)
  • NO penalties if targets are not reached (Your kid went ahead and ate all their Halloween candy in one night, but there's no consequence, instead they get to eat more candy whenever they want.)
  • INADEQUATE arms-length advisory committee. The proposed committee will include industry and labour reps, and they will report to the Minister of Environment, not directly to Parliament. (You end up deciding your kid needs some supervision when it comes to candy, so you enlist his friends and a couple candy company execs to watch him and let his brother know if he's had too much.) 

For Our Kids Toronto is leading a push for stronger, more ambitous, and more accountable climate legislation to keep our kids safe. 

But WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need everyday, ordinary people like you to tell your MP that you want the government to revise its climate legislation to ensure our kids have a livable future. 

We have no time to lose. Here's how you can take action to ensure we get the strong climate legislation we need:


1) Call Your MP!

Talking to your MP or leaving them a voicemail is more impactful than sending an email. Find your MP and the number for their Constituency office here


2) Virtually meet with your MP!

This is the most impactful thing you can do. A handful of constituents meeting with their MPs will get their attention on the issue, compared to hundreds of emails. Call your MP's Constituency office to book a virtual meeting. If you like, you can invite a fellow-constituent to attend the meeting with you. This could be a family member, neighbour, or friend.


3) E-mail your MP! Get the letter template here. Copy, paste, send. Easy! 


4) Share your stories. Inspire others by sharing what you did on social media, and tag us @ForOurKidsTO 

Want to read about other people’s experiences talking to their MPs? Check out our Share Your Story page and share your own experience!


About Climate Accountability Legislation

A team of lawyers led by Ecojustice has drafted a proposal for Climate Accountability Laws in Canada. Their proposal would ensure that Canada meets its emissions reductions targets by enshrining climate targets into law. Countries like New Zealand, Germany, and the UK all have legislated Climate Accountability Acts. It's working in those countries, and it could work in Canada, too! The CAA encompasses 5 pillars:

  • Enshrine into law the net-zero 2050 target and a more ambitions 2030 target in order to prevent more than 1.5C degrees of warming.
  • Set 5 years carbon budgets that cap emissions. 
  • Report on climate risks and impacts every 5 years to inform policy and carbon budgets.
  • Require mandatory progress reports on Canada's GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reduction targets that will inform concrete plans to achieve targets and help Canadians adapt to a changing climate.
  • Create an arms-length expert advisory committee to advise, consult, and report on progress.

Learn more about the Climate Accountability Act by reading our condensed Why-What-How fact sheet

Click here to watch an informative recording of a webinar on the Climate Accountability Act by Ecojustice. 



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