Moms Stand Up for Trees

Moms across BC have a message for provincial and federal leaders, and they spent Mother's Day posting that message on MP and MLA office windows and on social media. 

The message: Protect Our Mother Trees For Our Kids

It's part of ongoing action calling on BC Premier John Horgan to halt logging of old growth forest, as he promised to do during the 2020 provincial election.             

Artwork by Jana MacDonald inspired by the work of TJ Watt

The message, illuminated by the talents of Vancouver artist and FOK Vancouver member Jana MacDonald, found its way on the windows of MLAs from Victoria to North Island to Kootenay West. And although the management of natural resources falls under provincial jurisdiction, the moms targeted MP offices too, asking them to intervene for the sake of preserving the rapidly-dwindling and irreplaceable forests, and recognizing the critical role old growth plays in slowing climate change. Check out the photo gallery below, and as an added bonus, personal messages from Marian Hakze of FOK North Shore and Thompson, young eco-warrior. 


Marian Hakze shares her Mother's Day wish with Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change.


And Thompson shares his message with anyone who will listen!


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