Media 101

Along with social media, traditional media including newspapers, radio and TV offer great opportunities to reach others with your messages and actions.

Lots of people read the "Opinion" section in local papers and online, so letters to the editor and op-ed pieces are great ways to raise awareness and share your insight and opinion. Along with reaching other parents, sparking discussion and encouraging them to join you in meaningful action, you can also reach influencers by sharing your voice in a letter or op-ed, including elected officials. Commenting on letters and op-eds written by others gets you in the conversation. 

Sending a well-crafted media release is key to getting coverage for your events, along with making connections with local reporters and editors. 

Here's a checklist for you! It's compiled from the expert advice presented as part of FOK's Pitching and Placing session with Jennifer Moreau, former Burnaby Now reporter and founder of Babies for Climate Action New Westminster, and communications specialist Naomi Carniol of Springboard Communications Inc

Jennifer's presentation "Getting Your Story Out" is available here.  

And you can access Naomi's writing tips here.

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