MD Moms Go Big for Climate Action

Physician Moms are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to "Go Big for Climate Action"

MD Moms 4 Healthy Recovery, a national group of Canadian physicians who are also mothers, are advocating for a healthy recovery from COVID-19. They have created a video asking Prime Minister Trudeau to ‘Go Big’ this Earth Day by committing to “stronger climate action to protect the health of Canadians who are currently threatened by fossil-fuel related air pollution and the worsening impacts of climate change which include extreme heat, wildfires, flooding, drought, food insecurity and increased infectious diseases, including pandemics”, says Dr, Sarah Sloan, a family physician in Ottawa and member of the MDMoms4HR group.

The video features MD mothers across Canada. We are “calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to meet Canada’s Paris Accord agreements free of partisan-politics with legislated targets and reviews starting in 2025, as part of strengthening Bill C-12.  The Prime Minister needs to end fossil fuel subsidies - which have totaled $20.74 billion since the beginning of the pandemic - and address environmental racism including Indigenous and racialized communities carrying a disproportionate burden of negative health impacts related to fossil fuel extraction and combustion” states Dr, Eugenie Waters, a family physician in Ottawa and member of the MDMoms4HR group.

This is a follow up video to the @MDMoms4HR group’s first video released July 2020 calling on the Government to prioritize a Healthy Recovery from COVID-19 that ensures clean energy, as well as sustainable transportation, buildings, and employment, while prioritizing an equitable future for all. The 2020 video was created to support the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment’s (CAPE) Healthy Recovery Report outlining how measures to achieve net-zero by 2050 can save 112,000 lives, create 1.3 million clean-energy jobs and provide a three-fold economic payback.  Globally, two-thirds of the world’s healthcare workers support a healthy recovery from COVID19.

The 2021 Earth Day-inspired video is a collaboration between @MDMoms4HR and @CAPE_Doctors. This video highlights the MD Moms ongoing commitment to a healthy future for all Canadians that puts health, sustainability and equity first. 

Link to Earth Day ‘Go Big’ video available here and on Twitter: @MDMoms4HR 

MD Moms 4 Healthy Recovery is a national collaboration between healthcare practitioners who are committed to a healthy future for today’s children.

Twitter: @MDMoms4HR  

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