MD Moms 4 Healthy Recovery

MD Moms 4 Healthy Recovery is a group of physicians from across Canada who are mothers. We have spent COVID19 working to keep our patients and our communities safe. Though difficult, we have been honoured to be able to serve our fellow citizens.

But we do NOT want a future of repetitive health emergencies. COVID19 is a planetary health emergency. It will not be the last. This is the moment to invest fully in a sustainable future for Canada and do everything possible to reduce the frequency and severity of future planetary health emergencies that will be the new normal if climate change is left unchecked.

We're calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Go Big for Climate Action.

Find out more and watch the video here! 

Check out our earlier video asking the Government of Canada to ensure that Canada's recovery from COVID19 prioritizes a rapid decarbonization of the Canadian economy, is free of any fossil fuel subsidies, and follows the recommendations from the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE).

Read our letter to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

Supported by more than 100 Ottawa physicians, we call on Mayor Watson to take stronger climate leadership to protect Ottawans from the health impacts of climate change and COVID19. We know the impact climate change has on our patients' health including heart and lung disease from air pollution, spreading diseases like Lyme and COVID19, as well as extreme heat and mental health effects. Without urgent action, these health impacts will become more severe and widespread, and will have the greatest impact on children. The best vaccine against these risks is strong climate action today, including full implementation of Energy Evolution, Ottawa’s plan to achieve net-zero by 2050.  

Find us on Facebook, Twitter @MDMoms4HR, and reach out to us by email: MDmoms4healthyrecovery [at] gmail [dot] com