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For Our Kids Toronto is heading to Ontario appeal court as intervenors in the youth-led climate lawsuit Mathur et. al. v. His Majesty in Right of Ontario. We'll also be delivering good luck cards to the seven brave youth plaintiffs suing the Ontario government for weakening their climate targets and endangering the health and lives of young people. Will you sign and add a short personal message so they know parents and families support them?  


  • This is the only climate case based on Charter-protected rights that's been heard on its full merits in a Canadian court. This appeal hearing will also be a first of its kind in Canada. 
  • Parents from the For Our Kids network will present oral arguments and written affidavits to the court as part of our legal intervention.   
  • More info here: Parents heading back to court to support youth in historic climate lawsuit





Will you sign?

Add your name and a short personal message in the comments section below. Please do so by January 3rd, 2024. We'll compile your messages and deliver good luck cards to the youth plaintiffs at appeal court.