Get Fossil Fuel Companies Out of Classrooms

We send our kids to school to learn how to build a better world - not how to mire ourselves deeper into the climate crisis. Fossil fuel companies regularly sponsor teacher training, educational materials and similar initiatives. Some of these even masquerade as environmental education. It's very important to call them out, and make sure teachers have access to trusted unbiased sources of information and materials.

For example, in 2021, a Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) parent was shocked to see the worksheet her son had brought home, extolling the benefits of 'natural gas'. A little investigation revealed the learning materials developed by Fortis BC - a methane gas company - and were being pushed to schools across BC. A swift campaign spearhead by CAPE and Dogwood altered school boards across BC - and temporarily shut down the Fortis campaign.

Claire Kraatz, a For Our Kids team leader in Alberta, had a similar experience. She discovered that Pathways Alliance, which is funded by the oil and gas network, was holding a  workshop promoting fossil fuels on the schedule of a recent teachers' conference. She reached out to the Narwhal, and they ran an in-depth article exposing how fossil fuel interest groups are pushing a greenwashed version on climate change to teachers. 

This is an area many of our parents feel very strongly about - and we're working on some guidance for parents who want to take action at their schools, so check back here is September 2023 for more updates. We're also supporting CAPE's Fossil Fuel Ads Make Us Sick campaign, so click here to learn more and send a letter to your elected representatives.