Message delivered to Canada's banks: Stop investing in fossil fuels

Parents and grandparents made sure the #fossilbanksnothanks message was heard on Jan. 29, in person and online.  

They used phone calls, letters, postcards, posters, signs, videos, Twitter and FB posts to tell Canada's top 5 banks to stop investing billions of dollars in fossil fuel industries and projects that violate Indigenous Rights, including the Coastal Gas Link pipeline. You can see photos of actions from across the country on For Our Kids' FB page.



They made the news and prompted responses from branch managers through to CEO offices. Some were heartfelt; others touted the bank's party line, but they all proved that parents and grandparents' voices are being heard. 


And they'll continue to be heard, as the action against banks grows over the next few months. There is still time to add your voices to theirs! Find out more about the campaign here and check out this webinar for more about why Canada's big banks need to pull out of fossil fuels, for all our kids' sake. 


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