For Our Grandkids Victoria

We are a group of grandparents based in Victoria, BC that believe the future of our grandchildren is in jeopardy because of climate change.

Our first duty as grandparents is to protect our children and grandchildren. We’d storm a burning building to save them, no matter the consequences. 

Sadly, their house IS on fire. Climate change and injustice pose a direct threat to our kids unless we change course. Part of being a grandparent today is to help make the change we need.

We work collaboratively with our local communities to promote sustainability through workshops on Fossil Fuel divestment, or by walking our grandkids to school instead of driving them and helping to promote a green and just recovery from Covid-19.

Join us by emailing [email protected]


Read About Our Provincial Election Action Here!

And here's FOK Victoria's founder Kathryn Molloy's opinion piece for Focus on Victoria

We are not afraid to talk to politicians and decision-makers about the changes needed now and we’ve got the time, motivation and energy to do it!