Fall Family Action: Attend a School Parent Council Meeting

It’s back to school for many families! A new school year can feel as exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking for parents as it does for kids. As our children begin to adjust to a new year, Parent Councils are also gearing up. (In some provinces they’re known as Parent Advisory Councils, others as School Councils, and even as the Parent Teacher Association or PTA).

Whatever you call it – and however you feel about it – the parent council can offer an exciting opportunity for climate action. Our Fall Family Action is to connect with the parent volunteers at your child’s school, in whatever way works for you.

A great starting point is to ATTEND A PARENT COUNCIL MEETING

All parents can attend the parent council, even if you’re not up for taking a leadership role. (But if you are, now is the time to join your parent council executive). Here are some ideas:

  • Just listen for a while. Get to know how things run and who your fellow parents are. 
  • Put climate on the agenda: Ask what climate plans the school already has. Ask if other parents are concerned about the impacts of climate change.  
  • Consider starting a Climate or Environment subcommittee if there is enough interest.
  • Consider tangible actions that the Parent Council can engage in. Here are a few possibilities.  

While some of these might feel daunting, we’re here to help. Connect with us if you have questions about where to start or an idea you want help bringing forward. Parents across the country have been leading school change, and there's so much we can learn from each other.

If your children aren’t at school, consider adapting these ideas to your childcare centre, local early years centre, homeschooling parents group, or wherever you connect with other parents or grandparents.

Click here to commit to reaching out to your parent council, or send us an email at [email protected] with any questions, and to share your progress. 


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