Put Climate Action Plans on School District's Agenda

Every school district should have a climate action plan. The best plans have specific measurable goals, outline how they will be achieved, and involve multiple stakeholders.

In the last couple of years, a number of districts have put together some very comprehensive plans - for example, the Nanaimo School District recently passed a detailed Sustainability Action Plan. It's a good blueprint for others to follow.

Wondering how to get a climate action plan in place in your school district?

The first step is to find out what's already going on. Do a quick internet search, call your school district, or ask at your PAC/school council meeting. For some districts, climate and sustainability related goals will be within an existing strategic planning document. Others might have a stand-alone plan, or a specific committee that is working on this.

Either way, here's some key considerations.

1. What are the goals? Are they comprehensive (i.e. do they cover emission reductions, education, sustainability, etc.)? Are they ambitious enough?

2. Are the targets measurable? How will the district report on progress? Here's an example of how the Toronto District School Board is reporting on their climate actions. 

3. Who was involved in drafting the plan? Who will be involved in implementing it?

A number of our For Our Kids teams have worked on school climate action plans, and it's an area where a little push from parents can make a big difference. Please reach out to us if this is an area you are interested in  - [email protected].

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